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The Making of: Sailor Cosmos part 3

Sailor Cosmos

This one’s for Pattie, thanks for letting us know people are following the making of articles. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Lulu part 2


The latest four images of Lulu reveal that she is coming along splendidly. Her sculpt is pretty much complete and the attention has now shifted to her elaborate jewelery and accessories. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Salma part 2


Magnificent Salma is finally completed all that is required now is the first sample of the painted version which will no less spectacular than the grandness of the sculpt. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Sailor Cosmos part 2

Sailor Cosmos

We continue our coverage of the making of Sailor Cosmos, the first Sailor Moon Ori project. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Lulu


There are only two Lulu’s that I can think of off hand and they are a fiery little Scottish pop star who loves to frolic in her hayday, and the other is the ever enigmatic, moody but yet motherly, moogle cradling black mage from the Final Fantasy. Seeing as this is a blog about anime and video game figures I think I will stick to talking about Final Fantasy Lulu. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Shunya Yamashitas’ Demon part 2


Here we have the final part of the making of this sexy Shunya Yamashita Demon, we have got some photos of the very near complete sculpt and the very first image of her painted. From the original artwork one of the biggest changes is the skin colour, instead of having purple flesh she now has more natural skin tones and she looks alot better for it. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos

The Making of:

ORI – Fashion: Sailor Cosmos

After an extensive period of public voting from a wide selection of Sailor Moon Characters and Artworks. the announced winner has finally been confirmed: Sailor Cosmos. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Salma


The Making of:

ORI – Darkness: Salma

The invincible mage of the entire human race. She and her Staff of Aquastone stopped the invasion of numerous enemies. She soon became the elder of the race, but her part in the story is just going to start. Now ORI team is transforming her into a 3D figure, and we’ll soon be able to show you her charm. Read the rest of this entry

The Making Of: Dip Mou

Dip Mou

The Making Of:

ORI – Elegance: Dip Mou

Beautiful and graceful Dip Mou, the Wind Rider, is nearing completion. Witness the creation of this legendary pipa plucking Elegance statue, from the first sketches, accessory design, raw sculpt and the first painted sample. Read the rest of this entry

The Making Of: Shunya Yamashita’s Demon


Welcome to the first of many “The Making Of” articles, This series will be focusing on bringing you the latest news on various Ori projects. We will be bringing you everything from the original concept artwork to initial sculpts and the final product.

Ori projects are a series of resin figures based upon artwork by some of anime and video games leading artists as well as many original project specially designed for the range. Ori is split up into the categories:

Fashion – This range is based upon popular characters and artworks by leading artists.

Darkness – A series of brooding and often elfish style fantasy characters.

Elegance – A beautiful and ornate series of figures based upon a Chinese theme.

  Read the rest of this entry

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