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Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Preview

The Gunslinger Girls are back! With more drama and action than ever before the second season is due for a UK release 16 May.

Without a doubt the first season was an underrated masterpiece with gorgeous animation by Madhouse and a wonderful story of young girls saved from the brink of death and given a second chance at life. Although having a second chance at life is not as melancholy and rosy as you might think. The Social Welfare Agency, a government sponsored agency, takes these near to death girls and fits them out with advanced cybernetic implants and mental conditioning, this second life belongs to the state. Each girl has their own specific speciality including Martial Arts, Covert Ops, Long range sniping and so on.

Each girl is assigned a handler who acts as a mentor for the girl although they are only really there to make sure that the girls perform correctly and carry out their missions successfully. It is these girl and handler bonds that the first season is very much based upon and the focus of the season is mainly on the relationship between Henrietta and her handler Jose although each of the other girls get their turn in the spotlight, showing us how different each girls relationship is with their handler is. Overall it was a fascinating series about love, friendship and loss set in a world of espionage and brutal reality.

With the first season already setting such a high pedigree Season 2, Il Teatrino, has got a lot to live up to, especially with an all new crew and studio in development. This time the story is a lot more focused on plot development rather than character interaction, also the focus has moved away from Henrietta and this time fan favourite Triela play a more prominent role in the story although all the girls from the first season have appearances as well a some new ones.

The change in animation style is well suited to the change in pace, and with any story about young girls wielding guns there is bound to be plenty of debate and controversy abound.

The box set contains all 13 episodes + 2 OVA’s.

Pre order over at Amazon now Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino – Series 2 [DVD] (£1.59/episode)

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