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Eye on Asia Figure Showcase: Christmas ’08

Eye on Asia is due to release a new promotional Christmas video featuring the song “Morobito Kozorite” by Junko Iwao. Get an exclusive first look at the low res video here.

Coming Soon: Garage Kits at Eye on Asia

Shunya Yamashita AsukaRealistic Ryomou

Due to popular demand Eye on Asia will be introducing two new lines of Garage Kits. We will be offering these in two forms: Kits, these will require assembly and painting; and pre-painted, these are pre-assembled and expertly painted kits. There will be kits of popular anime and video game characters and some original creations you won’t see anywhere else.

More pictures and information to follow soon.


Yamaguchi Goes on Vacation: Effective Immediately

It has been announced in recent days that the Revoltech Yamaguchi line, Revoltechs first and best selling range is to be discontinued with immediate effect. Decembers scheduled release of figures (Enkidudu and Black King Gainer) are to be made as magazine exclusives, and won’t be easily available outside of Japan.

Black King Gainer

This news will certainty come as shock to Revoltech fans. The Yamaguchi line is considered to be the best and be the heart and soul of what Revoltech is all about. This could be one of the results of Good Smile Companies acquisition of the Revoltech brand. Kaiyodo do seem to have been having some problems with Revoltech over the last 12 months, there are been some serious QC issues and the fact that Fraulein, Hokuto No Ken and SFO ranges have all massively under-performed. Still it seems hard to imagine why they would cancel their best selling range. Perhaps Yamaguchi just needs a break, he has been sculpting 2 figures a month since 2006, that’s alot of hard work, and certainly worthy of a break.


But all is not lost. May 2009 has the release of 3.0 REBOOT, Revoltechs third generation of figures, and sure enough Yamaguchi will return. It is said that the new 3.0 line will be a blend of mech and character figures.

Wild Wet West Juliona Trans WANTED: Dead or Alive


Art Storm / Lilics continues its line of beautiful figures based upon artwork from Japans to manga and video game illustrators. So far we’ve has Shunya Yamashita and Mine Yoshizaki, now it’s time for the most popular of all Japanese illustrators Masamune Shiro.

juliona backThe lovely bandit is named Juliona Trans and is from a series of illustrations by Masmune Shiro that have been named Wild Wet West.

With it’s very rustic colours it certainly stands out from the previous figures in the series. Juliona Trans boasts very large guns and a huge cigar in her mouth.  Her un-buttoned top reveals alot of breast, the skin has a slightly shiney finish to make her appear to be sweating. She also features a removable hat.

juliona closeThis is certainly one of the kinkiest figures in the Artists Character Series and is a welcome addition to one of the finest anime figure lines released.

link: Masamune Shiro Character Series JULIONA TRANS 1/6 PVC Figure

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