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Subaru Beautiful Bodywork


This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over. Read the rest of this entry

The Making Of: Shunya Yamashita’s Demon


Welcome to the first of many “The Making Of” articles, This series will be focusing on bringing you the latest news on various Ori projects. We will be bringing you everything from the original concept artwork to initial sculpts and the final product.

Ori projects are a series of resin figures based upon artwork by some of anime and video games leading artists as well as many original project specially designed for the range. Ori is split up into the categories:

Fashion – This range is based upon popular characters and artworks by leading artists.

Darkness – A series of brooding and often elfish style fantasy characters.

Elegance – A beautiful and ornate series of figures based upon a Chinese theme.

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The Manipulated Sexaroid Tsuzumi


Tsuzumi is a Android made for pleasure, but something has gone wrong! Her AI has been manipulated and now she roams the streets as a merciless assassin, tracking down her next victim. Read the rest of this entry

Morrigan Goes Busty

Busty Morrigan

This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over. Read the rest of this entry

Scope Yoko’s New Curves


There are some anime characters that become so popular, such as Rei Ayanami, Kanu Unchou and Haruhi Suzumiya, that they just keep churning our figures and they usually keep releasing them for years. Gurren Legann’s Yoko is one of these characters to add to the list. Over the last twelve months the volume of figures that have been released of this red haired, zipper-booted, sniper is quit extraordinary. This new Gathering statue certainly stands out from the crowd. Read the rest of this entry

Glorious Mech – Knight of Gold

Knight of Gold

From the fantastic series Five Star Stories comes this amazing figure of one of the most visually striking and artistically stunning mech’s ever designed. Read the rest of this entry

Super Sexy – Super Soniko


Nitro Super Sonic’s busty lead character, Super Soniko, is coming to Eye on Asia super soon in the form of this super fantastic Gathering resin statue.

Measuring 25cm tall, this figure, like all Gathering figures, has been expertly hand painted with masterful application and fantastic shading and highlighting. It would appear our gorgeous babe has been caught in the act of changing into her favourite outfit: nothing! Her tan reveals some rather saucy and cheeky tan lines, skimpy would certainly have to be the choice word. And how she could ever fit into that top is beyond me!

This hot, summery figure could be just what you need to warm the cockles of you heart on these dull January days.

Link: Nitro Super Sonic SUPER SONIKO (Nitro) 1/7 Resin Statue

Azul Series Ganner Version with Heart Shot Bow

Azul Ganner

This beautiful Azul Series Ganner version with Heart Shot Bow is the latest Monster Hunter character to be getting the gathering treatment.

With her deep blue outfit and flowing grey hair she captures the essence and precision you’d come to expect from one with the archery skills to master such a mighty bow. This figure features an optional hair piece so she can be displayed with long or short hair. She also comes mounted on a high grade wooden display base. Measuring 20cm in height she certainly won’t be lost in any one’s collection with her monstrous weapon.

Exclusive with this figure is a 30 x 21cm high quality CG picture board that can be displayed with the figure.

Coming to Eye on Asia this January.

Link: Monster Hunter AZUL SERIES Ganner w. Heart Shot Bow 1/8 Statue

Rei Race Queen: Ayanami Racing


Since becoming a household anime name in 1995 with Gainax’s Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami has dabbled in many different walks of life, these have varied from pin-up girl, cosplayer, goth, traffic warden, punk, professional dog walker, reindeer and many more. Now she has decided to put her plugsuit and Lolita outfits away and do something constructive with her life.

Rei is now a race queen and never has she looked so good as she does on this fabulous Ayanami Racing Motorcycle. With a more mature appearance than we usually see her this championing figure captures a new side to a familiar character.

Oozing with style she measures 30cm to the top of her parasol. She also features a magnetically removable mini-dress, to reveal a skimpy team-branded bikini. This figure also includes a cool metallic base featuring the stylized Rei logo.

Link: Evangelion REI AYANAMI Race Queen w. Motorcycle 1/6 Resin Statue

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