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Gurren Lagann NIA 1/8 PVC Figure

nia 1

Shop: Gurren Lagann NIA 1/8 PVC Figure

ETA: September.

1/8 PVC Figure
17cm Tall
Ready Painted
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Gurren Lagann VIRAL 1/8 PVC Figure

virus 1

Shop: Gurren Lagann VIRAL 1/8 PVC Figure

ETA: September.

1/8 PVC Figure
15.5cm Tall
Ready Painted
Ready to Display Read the rest of this entry

Revoltech Yamaguchi 071 SUPER GALAXY GURREN LAGANN Action Figure


Item: Revoltech Yamaguchi 071 SUPER GALAXY GURREN LAGANN Action Figure

ETA: July.

PVC Action Figure
17cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready Painted
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Revoltech Yamaguchi 070 ARCH GURREN LAGANN Action Figure


Yamaguchi returns to the Revoltech range and continues by creating this fascinating Arch Gurren Lagann action figure in its full articulated glory.

Item: Revoltech Yamaguchi 070 ARC GURREN LAGANN Action Figure

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Yoko Returns


Fans of Gurren Legann will be happy to hear that there is a new Yoko Fraulein Revoltech coming soon. Read the rest of this entry

Scope Yoko’s New Curves


There are some anime characters that become so popular, such as Rei Ayanami, Kanu Unchou and Haruhi Suzumiya, that they just keep churning our figures and they usually keep releasing them for years. Gurren Legann’s Yoko is one of these characters to add to the list. Over the last twelve months the volume of figures that have been released of this red haired, zipper-booted, sniper is quit extraordinary. This new Gathering statue certainly stands out from the crowd. Read the rest of this entry

Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann, A Special Tribute.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann

The biggest and mightiest mech in the history of anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann, is now being made as a very special, high quality statue.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann measures 32cm in height and weighing a colossal 3kg. This is one figure that no Gurren Legann or anime fan should be without. This Galaxy sized mech features a unique metallic paint scheme, deep reds and blues shading and highlighting the contours of every dragon faced limb. In the mighty mouth is the head of Lazengann again with crisp clean paint application.

The real showstopper of this figure is the Spiral Energy burning around the figure, its clear green hues refracting light from its surroundings capturing the effect of real bruning energy. The figure also includes a unique custom display base bearing the Gurren logo.

This is one rare and beautiful figure.

Link: Tengen Toppa GURREN LEGANN Resin Statue (32cm)

Do Do The Enki Enkidu!!!

Revoltech Yamaguchi continues it’s line of Gurren Legann action figures with the release of Revoltech 065 Enkidu.

Physically Enkidu may appear to have less to it than a normal Revoltech because it doesn’t have a head as such, and instead has a removable scythe like weapon. The awesomeness of this figure more than makes up for the lack of a head though. Enkidu has to be one of the most unusual looking Revoltech’s so far (just wait until you see Enkidudu next month).

The previous Enki is and extremely good and well painted figure and Enkidu looks set to be more of the same, even though it comes with less accessories. Enkidu is also being released along side Doko Demo Issyo’s Pierre. Hopefully two releases of Revoltech Yamaguchi per month will carry on into 2009, although one must think they must be getting short on ideas or licence’s by now (hope not).

link: Revoltech 064 Gurren Legann ENKIDU PVC Action Figure

Enkidu and Pierre

image courtesy of Revoltech Express

November sees the release of  Revoltech Yamaguchi Enkidu and Pierre. The new Enkidu figure looks stunning, the original Enki figure, released this month was cool, but this one looks even better. And this won’t be the last we see of Enki as a Revoltech either. Pierre is the latest instalment in the Doko Demo Issyo range of Revoltechs, he also seems to be the best in the series.

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