The Making Of: Dip Mou

Dip Mou

The Making Of:

ORI – Elegance: Dip Mou

Beautiful and graceful Dip Mou, the Wind Rider, is nearing completion. Witness the creation of this legendary pipa plucking Elegance statue, from the first sketches, accessory design, raw sculpt and the first painted sample.

No one can deny this is a very majestic statue. A great sense of movement has been captured as the wind catches in her flowing costume as she stands atop a palace roof. She has a harmonic expression has she plays her melancholy melody.

More info coming soon.

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  1. Well she is beautiful, I just hope she won’t be too expensive. Because i think she would make a lovely addition to my slowly expanding collection.

    I hope she will be available to buy on Eye on Asia sometime in the future.

    You do a great job for all us UK collectors who don’t want to spend a fortune on P&P! Thank you for that. 🙂

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