The Making Of: Shunya Yamashita’s Demon


Welcome to the first of many “The Making Of” articles, This series will be focusing on bringing you the latest news on various Ori projects. We will be bringing you everything from the original concept artwork to initial sculpts and the final product.

Ori projects are a series of resin figures based upon artwork by some of anime and video games leading artists as well as many original project specially designed for the range. Ori is split up into the categories:

Fashion – This range is based upon popular characters and artworks by leading artists.

Darkness – A series of brooding and often elfish style fantasy characters.

Elegance – A beautiful and ornate series of figures based upon a Chinese theme.


The Making Of:

Ori – Fashion: Shunya Yamashita’s Demon

In true Shunya Yamashita fashion, this demonic beauty is a representation of the ideal female form (except the horns and wings… oh, and odd coloured skin). Check out the images below. There are still some features to be announced for this figure, you might be able to guess them by the photo’s and the final painted product is yet to be revealed. Keep an Eye on our “The Making Of” series for future updates.

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