To Heart 2 ILFA 1/8 PVC Figure

Shop: To Heart 2 ILFA 1/8 PVC Figure

ETA: June 2010.

1/8 PVC Figure
19.5cm Tall
Ready to Display

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  1. Wow, those are some wide ass hips, they make her head look so small. She looks considerably beettr than her artwork counterpart though.Looking at all the figures I own where weapons and battle could be attributed to, I apparently like them moderately clothed to well clothed. Kiki Oki might be the least clothed figure I own that has a weapon beyond sexy looks.Also with Kiki Oki there’s a mirrored base, and I loved it, and when I noticed one on Emaretta here I thought that looks good too! All bases should have mirrors. But then I though just how tacky that’d look, to have a hundred girls standing on mirrors, perhaps just clear bases are best after all.

  2. Just what the doctor ordered, thankity you!

  3. George on 2011年06月09日 at 13:01You’re as masterfully tctufal as ever in response to my (I imagine) somewhat annoying comments Syd’s method for lining up the sticker did seem to work out quite nicely. It wound up a bit low, perhaps, but nothing worth worrying about. But it did strike me, just yeaterday, that (IMO anyway) the decals really would be the easier choice in this case. I think that goes against people’s usual expectations. I know I kind of rally against the use of stickers in general but apart from that I think decals have value in cases like this that’s often overlooked. As for contributing to the site I see your point about the value of a more organized presentation, but at present my hobby time is rather limited, and when I document my work it takes longer But maybe I can put something together. That Hasegawa VF-11 is coming out soon and I’m hoping (in spite of years of experience trying and failing to meet such deadlines) that I can finish it in time for Otakon. I could post the progress of that build, maybe.

  4. The exeistpre shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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