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Upcoming Bandai Products August/September 2013

It’s no mystery that Bandai products are hard to get hold of from UK retailers, I’m not really on about the capsule toys or trading figures but the high quality fixed pose figures and action figure.

That’s why we are very happy to announce that from now on we will be stocking the vast majority of new releases from the Figuarts Zero, SH Figuarts, D-Arts, Chogokin, Saint Cloth Myth, Ultra Act and Robot Spirits ranges of figures. While we cannot guarantee stocking every shingle product in these ranges (after all who wants to but a space rocket for several hundred quid) but we will be stocking a lot more than we have been and we will be getting them faster than we used to.

Here’s some of the latest products that we have up for pre-order:

zero ace battle 1Figuarts Zero One Piece PORTGAS D. ACE Battle ver. PVC Figure

PVC Figure
12cm Tall
Ready to Display

Brother to Monkey D. Luffy and second division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D. Ace is faithfully recreated here in battle pose. Portgas D. Ace can control flames like no other, and he’s one heck of a powerful fighter, too!

zero chopper hiri 1Figuarts Zero One Piece TONY TONY CHOPPER & DR. HILULUK PVC Figure

2 x PVC Figure
17cm & 6cm Tall
Ready to Display

Directly out of the hit One Piece series! The humorous and heartwarming pair, master (quack) doctor Hiluluk and his surrogate son/apprentice (the human-reindeer hybrid Tony Tony Chopper) join the Figuarts Zero line-up of highly-detailed action figures.
In addition to their very animated facial expressions, every detail of this dynamic duo, such as Dr. Hiluluk’s medical bag and Chopper’s medical book, has been meticulously sculpted.
Special display stand also included in set.

chogokin archer 1Chogokin Fate/Zero ARCHER Action Figure

PVC & Diecast Action Figure
16cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

The powerful servant from the Fate/Zero manga joins the Chogokin line-up! This Fate/Zero Archer Chogokin Action Figure comes complete with armor die-cast parts, advanced articulation, meticulous detail, and a full-array of accessory parts.
Gold armor areas are recreated with die-cast metal for added weight and realism. Deluxe figure set features a full-array of accessory parts such as “wine of kings” artifacts, Ea: Sword of Rupture, 2 interchangeable face parts, interchangeable hand parts (3 left/4 right), interchangeable folded arm parts, and special display stand with magic glyph symbol sheet.

chogokin gx62 1Soul of Chogokin Planet Robo GX-62 Danguard Ace Action Figure

Diecast Action Figure
19cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

At last, the long awaited Soul of Chogokin release of Danguard Ace from the 1977 anime classic Planet Robot Danguard Ace is confirmed! An homage to the giant robot that stands among the classics, this Soul of Chogokin release employs state-of-the-art die-cast robot action figure technology to portray Danguard Ace in exquisite detail. The Planet Robot Danguard Ace Soul of Chogokin Action Figure features transformation capability without compromising faithful proportion.
A full array of accessories and gimmicks allow for recreation of various anime action sequences, including the capability to transform into Satelizer Mode along with accessories for Cosmo Arrows with transformation capability to Double Shaft weapon. Also included in the set are Sky Arrow with single and double cockpit options, as well as 2 types of Guard Launchers (transformable and non-transformable) that can both be attached / detached to engine unit.
The wealth of accessories included in this deluxe set can be displayed and housed in a deluxe display stand.

side ms double x 1Robot Spirits SIDE MS Gundam X GUNDAM DOUBLE X Action Figure

PVC Action Figure
13cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

Gundam Double X, the main mobile suit in the second half of the After War Gundam X series, joins the ranks of the Robot Spirits series with a massive Twin Satellite Cannon and a full array of accessories!
Boasting advance articulation, high-detail, and stunning proportion, this deluxe Gundam X Gundam Double X Robot Spirits Action Figure set includes interchangeable Twin Satellite Cannon parts for firing mode, as well as accessory parts for 2 Hyper Beam Swords, Buster Rifle, and Defense Palette. Radiator Palette recreated with clear parts.

cloth shura 1Saint Cloth Myth EX Saint Seiya CAPRICORN SHURA Action Figure

PVC Action Figure
18cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

The popular Saint Cloth Myth EX gold saint line-up continues with Capricorn Shura! The Saint Seiya Capricorn Shura Saint Cloth Myth EX Deluxe Action Figure set includes a thorough array of accessory parts, including 2 mask parts not included in the anime and only featured in original manga! Object can be assembled from cloth parts, and both cloth and object can be displayed together.
Superior articulation enables recreation of the character’s ultimate Excalibur attack. 3 sets of interchangeable face parts, 4 sets of interchangeable hand parts and cape accessory are also included in set. Fans of Saint Seiya will not want to miss out on this!

sh odin 4SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Dragon Knight ODIN & GOLD PHOENIX Action Figure

PVC Action Figure
15cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

The powerful time and space manipulating Kamen Rider Odin from the series Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (also known as Masked Rider Ryuki), and his mirror monster Gold Phoenix join the advanced SH Figuarts action figure line-up as a deluxe set!
The Masked Rider Odin and Gold Phoenix SH Figuarts Action Figure contains the Gold Phoenix, which comes with a special Tamashii Stage figure stand and can be transformed to golden wings and attached to the back of Kamen Rider Odin.
Belt buckle is replicated in intricate detail and accessories for Gold Saber, Gold Shield, and Gold Visor; as well as multiple advent cards.

sh shocker 1SH Figuarts Kamen Rider SHOCKER COMBATMEN Action Figure

PVC Action Figure
15cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

Yee! The persistent Shocker henchman joins the SH Figuarts series! This Masked Rider Shocker Combatman SH Figuarts Action Figure is absolutely awesome.
Featuring iconic weapon accessories and interchangeable hand parts, the Shocker Combatman Action Figure is great for recreating combat scenes with all of your favorite Kamen Rider action figures (sold separately) and is seen here in his characteristic “Yee!” pose.

ultra nexus blue 2Ultra-Act Ultraman Nexus JUNIS BLUE Action Figure

PVC Action Figure
16cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display

The modified Junis Blue form of Nexus Junis worn under the mantle of Dunamist Ren Senjyu joins the Ultra-Act series! Featuring sleek proportion, dynamic articulation and with a full-array of accessory and effect parts, the Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue Ultra-Act Action Figure is a must-have figure for fans of the popular Ultraman series.
Action figure includes effect parts for Storm Sword, Over Arrow Ray-Storm, and Cross-Ray Storm. Interchangeable core parts (red) and 2 sets of left/right hand parts are also included!

Best of Eye on Asia 2012

It’s the end of another amazing year at Eye on Asia, it’s hard to believe we’ve been going for five and a half years now!

To round off the year we going to show off what have been some of the top products we have had over the past 12 months, there are a couple of surprises in there.


rev danboard 1

Kaiyodo – Revoltech Yotsuba&! DANBOARD Action Figure


tsume natsu 1

Tsume Art – Fairy Tail NATSU DRAGNIR Limited Edition 1/8 High Quality Figure


bb290 1

Bandai – BB Gundam Seed DESTINY GUNDAM SD Kit


kurama 1

Kotobukiya – YuYu Hakusho KURAMA 1/8 PVC Figure


figma nyaruko 1

Max Factory – Figma 160 Haiyore! Nyaruko-san NYARUKO Action Figure


saber maid alter 1

Alter – Fate/Hollow Ataraxia SABER Maid ver. R 1/6 PVC Figure

What do you think of the 2012 selection? Do you own any of them and what have been you favourite figures of 2012?

5% Off January Sale at Eye on Asia

nen fate nanoha 1

You can now get 5% off all orders (excluding shipping costs) at Eye on Asia until the end of 27th January 2013.

All you have to do is used code: 5OFFJAN13 at basket, this offer includes all in stock, pre-order and sale items and also works in conjunction with other promotions meaning first time customers can get up to 10% off their first order.

It’s the ideal time to treat yourself to the anime goodies you have been wanting! Head on over now.

Not All Smiles for Good Smile Company

In recent weeks Good Smile Company has become the latest anime merchandise manufacturer and distributor to change the way they do business with customers and retailers outside of Japan. The changes that Good Smile are implementing will inflict a certain amount of pain on themselves and their consumers but in the long-term could be seen as acceptable losses because it could help reduce the amount of counterfeit and unlicensed goods that is being sold in their name.

Ever since Good Smile started selling its products overseas they have had official distributors, these have been based in Europe, USA and several regions of Asia, since establishing trade with these distributors they have also started to supply directly to some retailers. Good Smile dealing directly with retailers means that they make more money on this stock because there is no middle man but the retailers will tend not to order as much stock as the official distributors.

Good Smile have had problems keeping exclusive products exclusive. Many are available outside of Japan.

The problem with Good Smile selling directly to some retailers is that it damages sales of their official distributors, generally the retailers Good Smile supply to are the bigger companies, so this had made the largest negative impact on their distributors.

In recent weeks for some reason, likely either pressure from their distributors or just a need to simplify their management, Good Smile have decided to terminate all their dealings with retailers and from now on and their goods will only be available to retailers through their official distributors. To the retailers they have been stocking to this has been a very difficult time as in most cases they received very little or no advanced notice that their contracts (if they ever had them) are going to be terminated. The result of this has meant many of the affected retailers having stock available for pre-order but with no certainty that they would be able to obtain the stock at the listed prices.

Good Smile distribute the popular Figma and Nendoroid lines.

Because Good Smile goods will only be available to retailers through official distributors they will now have more control over pricing as well as limit the amount of counterfeit goods are available, although none of this will be evident until the long-term. In the short-term there could be a rise in their prices as retailers are forced to change suppliers.

It has also become apparent that Good Smile could be about to change they way it does business in Japan, here they are their own distributor. Many of the larger Japanese retailers have received advice of Good Smile suggesting that they cease sales of Good Smile goods to outside of Japan, effectively stopping the export of their goods. The reasons for this are still unknown. Perhaps this could be to encourage consumers to buy their goods from retailers in their own regions, supporting their official distributors. Alternatively Good Smile could have plans to start selling outside of Japan at retail themselves, we will have to wait and see what comes of this.

Classics Collection Update #003

Here’s a new wave of products for the Classics Collection.

Stock is limited so don’t waste any time with your purchase.

December Prize Draw 2010

Through out this December we will be offering customers the opportunity to win a bundle of goodies.

It’s really simple to take part! All you have to do is place a order on our website between 1st December and the end of 31st December. Your order number will be automatically added into the draw. If you place multiple orders each one will be entered into the draw increasing the chances of winning a prize. Three winners will be drawn on 1st January 2011. If you are a winner you will be contacted by email.

Each bundle will contain a variety of figures and merchandise including some items that are not available on our website as well as some exclusive and rare items.

The only catch is that this offer is only available to customers with a UK address and that you have placed at least one order on our website. Prizes will be dispatched before the end of January 2011.

New UK shipping options start 17th July 2010

Starting 17th July 2010 our UK shipping options will be changed to the choices below.

When placing an order to a UK address (including Channel Islands) we offer three shipping options:

Economy – £1.00 (3-5 working days*)
The economy option is the most environmentally friendly choice. Orders will be dispatch in new boxes and packed with recycled materials. DVD orders will usually be dispatched in padded jiffy bags. There are no postage tracking numbers available with this option.

Standard – £2.50 (1-3 working days*)
The standard option will have your order dispatched usually within one working day. All orders are packed in new boxes with protective biodegradable packing. You will receive a postage tracking number with this option.

Special Delivery – £6.00 (Next day delivery**)
Orders placed before 1pm Monday to Thursday will be dispatched the same day and arrive the next working day. Orders placed outside these times are exempt from being delivered the next day but will still receive the same speedy service. You will receive a postage tracking number with this option.

Eye on Asia reserves the right to pack orders in multiple consignments when necessary at no extra cost. From time to time we may also upgrade the postage service used to courier on larger orders at no extra cost. There is usually a 1 working day handling time (from payment clearing) before any orders will be dispatched. Occasionally this handling time may vary slightly but should never be more than a 3 days. The status of your order can be checked by using our in store tracking facility.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.

* These times are only estimates and cannot be guaranteed.
** Placing very large orders can cause a delay in shipment.

Shipping delays due to recent events

I would like to bring to the attention of our customers at Eye on Asia a problem beyond our control that is increasing in scale.

All orders placed on our site with delivery address’ outside of the UK mainland will be subject to delays caused by the closure of British and European airspace. These delays will also included Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Eire and many of the Scottish Islands as well as all European and International destinations.

To try and minimise delays Royal Mail will be starting to send many European parcels via land routes where possible but will still be subject to extensive delays.

I would like to thank all our customers for their understanding in these exceptional circumstances.

Eye on Asia ends partnership with E2046

As of earlier today Eye on Asia has ended its partnership with E2046. When I spoke to Eye on Asia Manager, Adam Hughes, he explained that “it was a decision that I and the rest of the site team did not take lightly and after a long period of consideration and debate it was decided that the E2046 partnership had to be suspended.” Read the rest of this entry

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 05 “Edge”

The new figure showcase is due to be uploaded soon. Get a first glimpse of it here. The video features “Edge” by See-Saw.

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