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Samurai Soul SAIKO 1/6 Resin Statue/Kit (Preview)

Statue: Samurai Soul SAIKO Limited 1st Edition 1/6 Resin Statue

Kit: Samurai Soul SAIKO Limited Edition 1/6 Resin

ETA: September 2010.

Samurai Soul Saiko is the first release of a new company called Avant Garde Figures. While details on this statue are still thin at this time we can confirm that the Limited 1st Edition will only be available at Eye on Asia and will be produced in a very limited run.

Samurai Soul Saiko is an original character design created by renowned digital artist REIQ. Get ready for this deadly beauty to become a fully 3D realization measuring 300mm tall and cast in the finest quality materials. The figurine will feature intricate details and pristine paintwork.

Price and details to be confirmed
Limited Edition
Eye on Asia Exclusive
1/6 Fine Cast Resin Statue
30cm Tall
Ready to Display* Read the rest of this entry

Merry Christmas and happy new year

All the team at Eye on Asia would like to thank all our customers and partners for helping make 2009 our greatest year ever.

We will continue to bring you lots more of the same high quality service, wide range of products and fantastic value, plus even more exciting new items and ranges of products in 2010.

Have a fantastic festive season.

Eye on Asia ends partnership with E2046

As of earlier today Eye on Asia has ended its partnership with E2046. When I spoke to Eye on Asia Manager, Adam Hughes, he explained that “it was a decision that I and the rest of the site team did not take lightly and after a long period of consideration and debate it was decided that the E2046 partnership had to be suspended.” Read the rest of this entry

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 05 “Edge”

The new figure showcase is due to be uploaded soon. Get a first glimpse of it here. The video features “Edge” by See-Saw.

The Big PVC and Resin Figure Sale at Eye on Asia


Eye on Asia is currently having what is perhaps the biggest sale I have ever seen. There is currently well in excess of 200 PVC figures, Resin Statues and Action figures at insanely low prices. Apparently all these figures are very limited and are being sold on a first come first served basis.

I looked through the list and have found a surprising assortment of older, hard to find figures and some fairly new releases that are costing a fortune to import from Japan.

Here’s the link to the sale page: Eye on Asia Clearance

Because of the large volume of items and not all of them actually being stocked by Eye on Asia you have to fill in a form on the page and they will let you know if and when they will be able to supply them to you. I think it was a 1-3 week waiting period.

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 04

The latest Eye on Asia Showcase video is about to go live, here’s the YouTube version.  The latest video features “Reason” by Nami Tamaki.

Revoltech 3.0 Preview

 Revoltech Montage

It’s been a long time since we announced any new Revoltech developments. But here we are just weeks away from the big Revoltech 3.0 Reboot and the very first image of new figures have started to emerge.

2009 will see the continuation of the Assemble Borg and Fist of The North Star range of figures, although there is still no news if Assemble Borg will ever make it to Europe.

Most interesting is the return of the mech figures, although this line will certainly be accompanied with character figures (so far three Queens Blade figure are scheduled for release). It seems that the Gurren Lagann range may finally be drawing to a close for now, And Evangelion will be getting a Revoltech revival featuring all new EVA’s as the appear in Evangelion 2.0. At the back of the image is a new EVA that features in the film, more on that at a later date. It has also been rumoured that new Getter Robo figures are likely to be released.

Eye on Asia is currently planning on stocking the new 3.0 range shortly after their release in Japan, so hopefully you won’t have to worry about the extensive European delays! (Still no signs of Enkidu and Pierre!)

More exciting Revoltech news and images coming soon…

Summer Contest 2009: Special Preview

Summer Contest 2009

In late 2008 Eye on Asia started a partnership with E2046, the company behind the finest Resin Kits in the world and creators of the Gathering range of pre painted resin statues. Every year since 2003 they have held contests where kit builders and painters can compete for great prizes, recognition and self satisfaction. As these events grew on popularity it was slit into two contests per year (Summer and Winter). Now for the first time the contest has been split into two divisions: Senior and Junior, so now contestants who are new to kit building and painting need not worry about competing against more experienced modelers.

There are 3 categories available to enter in Summer Contest 2009, these are: Figure, Mecha and Diorama. Each category speaks for itself but there are some rules that apply (linked below). Because kit building and/or painting is considered an art there is now wrong or right way to do things, so if your new to all this and are unsure of your abilities fear not, give it a try you will likely be surprised. The E2046 contests are held by a very friendly and helpful community and all art is appreciated. All entries are voted on by the public and a panel of judges consisting of Moderators, E2046 staff and special guest who in the past have included the likes of Danny Choo, Luca Zampriolo, KitBuilders Magazine, and Model Kit World Magazine. Read the rest of this entry

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 03

Here’s a sneak peak at the new Figure Showcase video for Eye on Asia. Featuring the track “Romancing Train” by move.

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase: Christmas ’08

Eye on Asia is due to release a new promotional Christmas video featuring the song “Morobito Kozorite” by Junko Iwao. Get an exclusive first look at the low res video here.

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