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Black Rock Shooter DEAD MASTER Nendoroid Figure

Shop: Black Rock Shooter DEAD MASTER Nendoroid Figure

ETA: January 2011.

A gleeful smile as a Nendoroid!
From the popular “Black Rock Shooter” comes a Nendoroid of BRS’s rival, Dead Master!

She comes complete with her giant weapon, “Death Scythe” as well as two Nendoroid sized skulls. Also, just as the Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter did, Dead Master also includes a facial expression based on an illustration by CHANxCO.

Recreate your best Black Rock Shooter scenes in cute Nendoroid form!

Nendoroid Figure
10cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready to Display Read the rest of this entry

Samurai Soul SAIKO 1/6 Resin Statue/Kit (Preview)

Statue: Samurai Soul SAIKO Limited 1st Edition 1/6 Resin Statue

Kit: Samurai Soul SAIKO Limited Edition 1/6 Resin

ETA: September 2010.

Samurai Soul Saiko is the first release of a new company called Avant Garde Figures. While details on this statue are still thin at this time we can confirm that the Limited 1st Edition will only be available at Eye on Asia and will be produced in a very limited run.

Samurai Soul Saiko is an original character design created by renowned digital artist REIQ. Get ready for this deadly beauty to become a fully 3D realization measuring 300mm tall and cast in the finest quality materials. The figurine will feature intricate details and pristine paintwork.

Price and details to be confirmed
Limited Edition
Eye on Asia Exclusive
1/6 Fine Cast Resin Statue
30cm Tall
Ready to Display* Read the rest of this entry

Special Edition Echidna’s and Ultra Vibration Valkyries on Their Way

These two Queens Blade lovelies are on their way courtesy of Megahouse and their Nitro+ excellence. Read the rest of this entry

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 04

The latest Eye on Asia Showcase video is about to go live, here’s the YouTube version.  The latest video features “Reason” by Nami Tamaki.

Scope Yoko’s New Curves


There are some anime characters that become so popular, such as Rei Ayanami, Kanu Unchou and Haruhi Suzumiya, that they just keep churning our figures and they usually keep releasing them for years. Gurren Legann’s Yoko is one of these characters to add to the list. Over the last twelve months the volume of figures that have been released of this red haired, zipper-booted, sniper is quit extraordinary. This new Gathering statue certainly stands out from the crowd. Read the rest of this entry

Glorious Mech – Knight of Gold

Knight of Gold

From the fantastic series Five Star Stories comes this amazing figure of one of the most visually striking and artistically stunning mech’s ever designed. Read the rest of this entry

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 03

Here’s a sneak peak at the new Figure Showcase video for Eye on Asia. Featuring the track “Romancing Train” by move.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann, A Special Tribute.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann

The biggest and mightiest mech in the history of anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann, is now being made as a very special, high quality statue.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Legann measures 32cm in height and weighing a colossal 3kg. This is one figure that no Gurren Legann or anime fan should be without. This Galaxy sized mech features a unique metallic paint scheme, deep reds and blues shading and highlighting the contours of every dragon faced limb. In the mighty mouth is the head of Lazengann again with crisp clean paint application.

The real showstopper of this figure is the Spiral Energy burning around the figure, its clear green hues refracting light from its surroundings capturing the effect of real bruning energy. The figure also includes a unique custom display base bearing the Gurren logo.

This is one rare and beautiful figure.

Link: Tengen Toppa GURREN LEGANN Resin Statue (32cm)

Kanu Unchou’s New Ride

Kanu with Motorcycle

Eye on Asia’s partnership with E2046 is about to bear it’s first fruits. The first wave of resin kits and pre painted statues are on their way and should arrive before the end of 2008.

One of the finest pre painted figures that will be available in the first wave is the awsome Kanu Unchou with Motorcycle. This figure has only previously been available at E2046 and measures 24cm tall and weighing in excess of 3kg. The figure also includes real effect mirrors and exclusive stylized display base. The exact price is still to be announced. Stocks are very limited and this highly sought after figure will go very quickly.

Link: Ikki Tousen KANU UNCHOU with Motorcycle 1/6 Resin Statue

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 01

Eye on Asia has just released a new video, Featuring the song “Beautiful World” by Utada Hikaru.

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