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Classics Collection Update #003

Here’s a new wave of products for the Classics Collection.

Stock is limited so don’t waste any time with your purchase.

Classics Collection Update #002

Here’s the latest batch of figures in the Classics Collection.

Remember stock is very limited!

Art of Shunya Yamashita SHOKO-SAN Limited Edition 1/7 PVC FigureSengoku Rance KOUHIME 1/8 PVC FigureTears to Tiara ERMIN 1/8 PVC FigureCreators' Labo YUG CRAYON PVC FigureKashimashi Girl Meets Girl HAZUMU OSARAGI 1/8 PVC FigureCapcom Girls Collection CHUN-LI PVC Figure

Classics Collection Update #001

The following items are now available in the Eye on Asia Classics Collection.

These figures are heavily discounted and stocks are very limited. Don’t miss out!

Mon-Sieur Bome vol.18 NORIKO TAKAYA PVC FigurePlease! Teacher MIZUHO KAZAMI Pink Wedding Dress PVC FigureOneechanbara AYA 1/6 PVC FigureGun X Sword WENDY GARRET 1/8 PVC FigurePlay Arts Final Fantasy VII CLOUD & HARDY DAYTONA Action FigureHaibane-Renmei RAKKA curled up PVC FigureHaibane-Renmei RAKKA with chair PVC Figure

The Eye on Asia Classics Collection

What is the Eye on Asia Classics Collection?

The Classics Collection brings you many old and forgotten figures that you may have missed the opportunity to get hold of when they were first released. Many of the figures in this collection are several years old and are often highly sought after.

What’s more is that we bring these figures to you at very affordable prices. Be warned because of the “hard to obtain” nature of many of these figures quantities are very limited.

Here’s our first batch:

(Click the image)

Burst Angel AMY 1/8 PVC Figure

Tsukiyomi Moonphase HAZUKI TSUKIYOMI 1/6 PVC Figure

Vampire Savior LILITH Normal SMC ver. 1/8 PVC Figure

Vampire Savior LILITH Special SMC ver. 1/8 PVC Figure

Mazinger Z Sayaka Yumi 1/6 PVC Figure *Special Version*


Tales of The Abyss TEAR GRANTS 1/8 PVC Figure

Tales of The Abyss NATALIA 1/8 PVC Figure

Maji Kyudo TAMA-CHAN 1/6 PVC Figure

Evangelion EVA-00 Launch Tube Action Figure

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