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Sen-Hime Returns for More


Just recently there has been a few figures of Sen-Hime released, all of them are very good and capture the character very well, but none of them are finished to the impeccable standards that you would expect from masterful craftsmanship and elaborate paintwork that is expected from the Gathering range, well none except this one. Read the rest of this entry

One Hell of a Beauty

Shunya Yamashita Demon

Shunya Yamashita, perhaps one of the most famous and popular of anime and video game character designers, has returned to the Ori range after the success of Risa and offered a new creation. This time the magnificently moody and busty demon. Read the rest of this entry

Ever Popular Kanu Strikes Again!

Kanu Unchou

This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Lulu


There are only two Lulu’s that I can think of off hand and they are a fiery little Scottish pop star who loves to frolic in her hayday, and the other is the ever enigmatic, moody but yet motherly, moogle cradling black mage from the Final Fantasy. Seeing as this is a blog about anime and video game figures I think I will stick to talking about Final Fantasy Lulu. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Shunya Yamashitas’ Demon part 2


Here we have the final part of the making of this sexy Shunya Yamashita Demon, we have got some photos of the very near complete sculpt and the very first image of her painted. From the original artwork one of the biggest changes is the skin colour, instead of having purple flesh she now has more natural skin tones and she looks alot better for it. Read the rest of this entry

Shunya Yamashitas’ Risa Reflects


Super Confident Risa is absolutely sure of one thing… She knows she is the most beautiful babe in the world and is happy to let the whole world know just how she came to be in such a position, and not many could deny she certainly is one of the most vibrant and charismatic Shunya Yamashita babe… ever! Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos

The Making of:

ORI – Fashion: Sailor Cosmos

After an extensive period of public voting from a wide selection of Sailor Moon Characters and Artworks. the announced winner has finally been confirmed: Sailor Cosmos. Read the rest of this entry

Dip Mou and The Winds of Harmony

Dip Mou

Harmonic beauty Dip Mou will soon be coming to Eye on Asia and now we offer you a gallery of the final product that will be made available at Eye on Asia. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Contest 2009: Special Preview

Summer Contest 2009

In late 2008 Eye on Asia started a partnership with E2046, the company behind the finest Resin Kits in the world and creators of the Gathering range of pre painted resin statues. Every year since 2003 they have held contests where kit builders and painters can compete for great prizes, recognition and self satisfaction. As these events grew on popularity it was slit into two contests per year (Summer and Winter). Now for the first time the contest has been split into two divisions: Senior and Junior, so now contestants who are new to kit building and painting need not worry about competing against more experienced modelers.

There are 3 categories available to enter in Summer Contest 2009, these are: Figure, Mecha and Diorama. Each category speaks for itself but there are some rules that apply (linked below). Because kit building and/or painting is considered an art there is now wrong or right way to do things, so if your new to all this and are unsure of your abilities fear not, give it a try you will likely be surprised. The E2046 contests are held by a very friendly and helpful community and all art is appreciated. All entries are voted on by the public and a panel of judges consisting of Moderators, E2046 staff and special guest who in the past have included the likes of Danny Choo, Luca Zampriolo, KitBuilders Magazine, and Model Kit World Magazine. Read the rest of this entry

Haruka Suzumiya makes hearts rumble

Haruka Suzumiya

This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over. Read the rest of this entry

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