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Revoltech Expo 2008 Summary

The first ever Revoltech Expo has been a trilling event for all fans of Revoltech figures. There have been announcements and previews galore including including the date for the release of Revoltech’s 3rd Generation (3G) which is being debuted with a trio of cool Queen’s Blade Figures. Despite not much being revealed for Revoltech Yamaguchi, other than Enkidudu and a snazzy new Overman King Gainer figures. All the current lines (Fraulein, Revolution, SFO) will be expanded upon. They will also be accompanied by Assemble Borg by the end of this year. 2009 see’s the release of the already mentioned 3rd Generation Queens Blade and some slightly depressing looking Alien figures to go alongside the new film. There will also be at least one more new range of Revoltech figures released before the end of 2009.


All images courtesy of Akiba Hobby

Gantz gets Figmatized

To all Figma fans. The first sculpt of a special edition Gantz figure of Reika has been unveiled. The figure looks as though it is going to be very good and comes with plenty of weapons and accessories as we’ve come to expect from Figma.

This figure will only be available with the Japanese edition of volume 26 of the manga (June 2009) and will not be available for general release. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. Please enjoy the pics.

A Good Smile Day for Kaiyodo?

Good Smile Company come to the rescue for Kaiyodo a they complete their acquisition of the Revoltech licence. This now means that Good Smile has stakes in a huge portion of the vast majority of anime and video game figure manufacturers. Another interesting subject to note is that Good Smile now holds the licence for Kaiyodo’s Revoltech, Max Factory’s Figma and their own series of Nendoriod. I think one of the results for this might be the discontinuation or at least a big re-thinking of the Fraulein Revoltech line, that seems to have under-performed.

It is still unclear if Good Smile will be buying up the licence to any other Kaiyodo ranges. One thing that is almost certain to happen is a price increase of the Revoltech lines to bring it more in line with Figma, Nendoriod and Atelier-Sai’s own action figure ranges.

Figure Review: Shuraki Trinity Box 04 NEEDA 1/8 PVC Figure Box Set

I don’t know about you, but I love it when you get more than you deserve, and this figure box set certainly provides you with more than enough goodies you deserve for the price tag.

Needa or Nida is the fourth figure in the Shuraki Trinity Box series and is by far the best. Each figure in the Shuraki range is based on character illustrations by the top anime and video game artists in Japan, Needa has been created by the renowned artist Shunya Yamashita.

If your new to Shunya Yamashita figures this box set is a good place to start. The figure is immaculate and you get a full colour booklet featuring plenty of artwork based around the characters and back story for Needa and to top it off you get a 70 minute drama CD, but unless you can understand Japanese you won’t appreciate this as well as you know you should. For collectors of Yamashita figures Needa offers something different to your collection, with its darker than usual colours and huge gun instead of the usual gigantic swords.

Needa comes with far more options than any other figure I have seen so far. For a start she can have two different lengths of gun, one shorter than the other, but both still very big (each version can have an optional bayonet). Secondly she has two different sets of clothes, one a smart military uniform and the other the sames but torn up in kinky kind of way. I suppose you could even have her in just bra and panties if you wanted. You can also have her dagger in hand or sheathed, her hat is also removable.

The paintwork on this figure is superb, as should be expected from Good Smile Company, infact the paintwork on her torn clothes seems to be a bit better than on her standard uniform. The seams on the removable clothes are hardly even noticeable and don’t detract from the figure at all.

The only gripe I do have with this figure is getting the gun in her hand, this can be a nightmare, even the instructions aren’t very helpful. The gun comes in three parts: barrel, body and butt. What I didn’t know at the time is the body of the gun separates again, top and bottom, so you can then slide her hand around the trigger, none of this is illustrated properly on the instructions. Or perhaps I was just being daft and doing it wrong, you’ll see what I mean if you get this figure.

Eye on Asia SCORE: 5/5

One of the best figures in recent times, very high quality, distinctive figure and loads of optional parts and accessories. A trinity of goodies give this figure a holy 5 out of 5.

link: Shuraki: Trinity Box 04 NEEDA (NIDA) 1/8 PVC Figure Box Set

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 01

Eye on Asia has just released a new video, Featuring the song “Beautiful World” by Utada Hikaru.

End of the line for Kaiyodo?

Organic Hobby Inc., the distributor for Kaiyodo has terminated all dealings with Kaiyodo. The reason for this decision is yet unknown, but with the recent success of Kaiyodo’s new Revoltech lines and the forthcoming new Bome series it would not have been a decision taken lightly. If there will be a new distributor outside of Japan for Kaiyodo is still unknown, but with the current global financial crisis, it is unlikely one will emerge any time soon. All Kaiyodo Revoltech releases Due have been cancelled effective immediately. See below for the official press release.

Official Organic Hobby Inc. Announcement:

“We would like to take the time to inform you that Organic Hobby, Inc will no longer be importing Kaiyodo’s product lines Revoltech, Fraulein, etc…, effective immediately. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for all inconveniences that this might have caused your company/establishment. In addition, we would like to say that we feel terribly sorry about the non-release (cancellation) of the following items.

Please make a note of the changes (above) and make the necessary adjustments in your system.We look forward to continue doing business with your company/establishment as you are a valued customer.”


Figure Review: Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny CHOUN SHIRYU 1/8 PVC Figure

Like many figure from Alter this Choun Shiryu is not about boobs or explicitness, like the Griffon Ikki Tousen figures, it’s more about the characters personality and strengths making this Ikki Tousen figure one of the most serious and original so far.

The idea of having the characters eyes closed seems like an odd idea. You would think it would make the figure look plain faced and boring, as the eyes are  often one of the main features of anime characters. However, Choun’s face is perhaps the best feature of this figure. Alter have done an excellent job of capturing the focus, concentration and energy on Choun’s face. The quality of the sculpting of the face is far better than the vast majority of figures I’ve ever seem, her face really does look alive and you can almost imagine her opening her eye’s at any moment, energized with some mystical power. I think perhaps an optional face or head with open eyes might have gone down a treat with this figure. The photo’s really don’t do her justice.

Alter have always excelled at highlighting and shading and this shows most on the hair. Choun’s hair is fantastic, very well highlighted, as grey can often look very flat on these figures. And the join in her hair is hardly noticeable either.

Choun’s school uniform does a good job of complimenting her contours. The colours seem darker than on other versions of her, but they do seem more natural because of this. The pleats in her skirt are very well done and capture the movement nicely. The skirt is also removable should you wish to expose her a little more, but this is not recommended as it also exposes one of the few bad points of this figure, the seems at the tops of her legs are very visible, this isn’t a problem so long as you keep her dressed.

The socks and shoes are very well sculpted, however, there is almost no highlighting at all. There is some shading on the sides of her shoes but not much. The stripes on her socks seem unnaturally shiny too.

Choun comes in nice sturdy packaging featuring the Dragon Destiny logo and windows on all sides except the bottom. Infact the packaging is identical to the Kanu figure previously released by Alter only green instead of blue. You also get an instruction sheet showing how to correctly put the sword and sheath in her hands. The display base is the usual clear blue plastic that neither compliments nor detracts from the figure.

If your the kind of person who doesn’t like figures of scantily clad ladies, or are too embarrassed of people seeing them in your bedroom then this is the figure for you. Or if you collect Ikki Tousen figures then this is something different to add to you collection.

Eye on Asia SCORE: 4.5/5

link: Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny CHOUN SHIRYU 1/8 PVC Figure

Assemble Borg Launches

Today sees the launch of the official Assemble Borg site. Assemble Borg is the long awaited new series of figures from Revoltech.

Image courtesy of Revoltech Express

Image courtesy of Revoltech Express

The concept of Assemble Borg was one of the original ideas behind the Revoltech Revolver Joint and offers a whole new level of customization and interactivity. The first releases of the new series will be in mid December, just in time for Christmas. Details are few and far between at the moment but more news will be coming soon…

Official site:

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