Shining Wind CLALACLAN Maid ver. 1/8 PVC Figure

clalaclan maid 1

Shop: Shining Wind CLALACLAN Maid ver. 1/8 PVC Figure

ETA: November.

1/8 PVC Figure
20cm Tall
Ready Painted
Ready to Display

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  1. I’m quite pleased with the inaotmfrion in this one. TY!

  2. Sora: Yes, it was fast But unfortunately a bit too slow as I had comeeltpd my payment a day before it popped up on E2046 In the end depending on the price I just might end up buying the E2046 one too anyway. Maybe, depending on what I can do with the one I received Thanks for having added that figure to your choice station, and thank you for everyone else who did the same Tier: It’s the same character, but mine was the one from Megahouse. The Megahouse one doesn’t have her nipples popping out in plain view like that one, and personally for me that’s a plus.Well, I finally got my figurine from Homemedia4u! Super quick review:Painting job is WONDERFUL. It actually looks better than the shots from their site (color differences too), and also better than the shots from the E2046 preview, and it’s nearly as good as the Hobbyfan one (Prefered those colors), but there’s absolutely no painting defects I could see.Assembly however is completely whacked out Three fingers broken (Pretty sure before being shipped), feet not straight, big blotch of glue under the base, the cape has been nailed to the shoulders so it’s not removable as it should, ect If I can patch it up I’ll end up with the figure of my dreams. IF I’m not certain I’ll be able to!***SUPER LONG VERSION: COPY OF THE RELEVANT PART OF THE E-MAIL I JUST SENT AS FEEDBACK***Regarding the feedback itself, it’s unfortunately not all that positive.Positive: The paint job itself is extremely well done. There’s absolutely no glaring mistakes there, and it looks simply beautiful. Whoever painted the figure did an awesome job. It actually looks even better than the preview shots on your website in my opinion.Negative: Assembly is unfortunately quite a bit worse than the painting 1) Three fingers broken: At first I thought they might have been broken during shipping, but after I managed to find the fingers, it’s obvious that they were broken before being sent. There’s a large amount of yellowish work glue on those three fingers, so there’s been a bad attempt to fix them back before the figurine was shipped. It unfortunately didn’t work. I’ll try my best to clean the clue off and try patching them back, but I’m not entirely optimistic.2) The removable cape: The cape was made to be removable with little clips. However, there’s nails that have been put through the figurine’s shoulders to keep it there so it’s impossible to remove. The cape does look okay so having it removable is not a exactly a must, but it still makes it impossible to display without the cape which I unfortunately prefered. I can live with it, though.3) Base: The top of the base has multiple scratch marks. Not that noticeable, but they are obviously there. The bottom of the base has large amount of yellowish work glue on it at random spots, so much that the base can’t even lay completely flat. I’ll have to sand the bottom and repaint it black.4) Feet: One of the feet isn’t attached correctly so both feets can’t lay completely flat. If I’m not mistaken, this figure wasn’t supposed to have pins under the feet as it’s supposed to be able to stand on it’s on, but even with the pins, the figure is a bit wobbly on the base due to one foot not completely touching the base. Fortunately, I think that by inserting a slim object under the bad foot she should be able to stand solidly enough.5) Blotch of glue in helmet: Yet another big glue blotch inside the helmet. At least you don’t see it when the helmet is on.Overall, I don’t feel the result is as professional as it should have been. I have absolutely no problems with the painting: It’s very well done and I give it two thumbs up. The painting service is very professional and very much worth buying and I love it a lot. On the other hand the assembly part was quite bad. The pre-broken fingers that were sent certainly wasn’t professional, and I’m honestly not certain I’ll manage to fix them in acceptable manner. The nails added to hold the cape are pretty questionable. The base with a ton of glue blotches under it doesn’t even make sense (It’s a plain black wooden circle and the glue blotches are over the paint).If I can fix the fingers and the stability problems, then I admit I will end up with an absolutely beautiful figure as I had hoped, mainly due to the nice base figure design and the simply awesome paint job. But if I judge the whole package including all the assembly defects, I can’t in good conscience recommend someone else to buy a painted and assembled figure from you for 230$.

  3. >> AkaSeena is definitely up there, alhgouth I like Bridget and that one little boy from Senko no Ronde. He’s so dreamy, especially in that tight suit.I’m kinda surprised that Kurisu doesn’t seem to be that popular, since she’s designed by Huke and all. Maybe if she had some scars and flashed a bit more tit, she’d get more love. And I’ll fully admit that I wasn’t all that interested in Sasami till I noticed that little bit of black underpants peeping out in that one picture. It’s going to annoy the hell out of me if they pull a bait and switch and give her some boring white drawers in the production figure.Yes, it’s really cute! Can’t you see how cute it is? Yeah, neither can I. On an unrelated note, I saw this anime called Black Widow recently and it was pretty cool.I’m not too familiar with this Bakemonogatari thing. Maybe if I watched the show I’d like her more. Or if she were showing more tit, too.>> OrniThat is interesting; a lot of people like the BRS figures because of their face designs, and Kurisu has the same face as them. I wonder how much more popular Kurisu would be if GSC were making her?>> GREWI’m thinking one BRS figure is enough for me, though the anime version one is really nice. I can’t say I get all the fuss over the Dead Master figure though; those capri pants look ridiculous.>> BioToxicYeah, it’d be hard to tell she comes from a Key series, just looking at her. I don’t mind that at all since I don’t like Key’s character designs all that much. It looked a bit to me like the figure’s breasts are quite a bit larger than they are in the artwork, but I count that as a big plus as well.Man, nobody has any love for Clalaclan. As a lover of tits, I find that really sad. They ought to have given Kureha those tits so they won’t go to waste.>> ShashinYeah, I’m going to have to think about dropping $200 on a figure. Well, if it were Daiki Kougyou or Alter or something, I wouldn’t, but I’ve never seen an ALphamax figure in person.More SNK characters need figures. Like Kula Diamond, Angel (dunno if SNK has her rights), Yuki from Last Blade there’s a bunch of characters there that I’d love to own figures of.>> BlowfishYep, I’ve never seen Godzilla! I did love playing King of the Monsters when I was a kid, though. I’m looking forward to great reenactments with the larva.Yeah, not that I think of it, New Line did the Hakufu figure you have, right? I think it was the same sculptor, too. Hopefully Revy looks good.>> NemphtisI get figures for the same reason; I don’t watch a lot of anime so I don’t often know very much about the characters themselves. Though I definitely don’t mind the ones with the slutty poses, unless they don’t look very good.

  4. Finally Misato!! I’m really tired of all the Rei and Asuka figerus, so seeing Misato is a great news. The pose looks good, I can’t wait to see the final painted version, hope they’ll do a good job.

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