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Coming in 2013

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We have big plans for 2013!

After our massive site update this year work has already started to expand the range of types of products we sell. Of course we will continue to do all the things we have been doing but we will expanding our range of clothing and accessories, a department that has been feeling rejected recently, by this we don’t mean we will be selling those naff unlicensed cosplay outfits that some other places sell instead we will be stocking high quality clothing, the kind you can safely wear in public.

Also from today we will be starting to list new release and pre-order dvd’s and Blu-rays. Because we fully support the UK anime industry we will not be stocking unclassified region 1 dvd’s and all of them will be official UK releases from all the top distributors. Of course there are a lot of dvd’s out there and to list them all on our site would be very ambitious to say the least so we will be starting off with next years releases and expanding our back catalogue from there. You might think that our dvd prices will be high but rest assured that they are very competitive with the likes of Amazon and other big names just take a look at our most recently listed MVM titles.

There are other plans for next year including the introduction of a savings scheme that is very handy if you want to save a bit of cash up every now and again but we will go into details about these things another time.

In the meantime all of us at Eye on Asia would like to thank all our customers and any one else who has helped us this year and we look forward to serving you many more times in the future.

Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- Preview

The Gunslinger Girls are back! With more drama and action than ever before the second season is due for a UK release 16 May.

Without a doubt the first season was an underrated masterpiece with gorgeous animation by Madhouse and a wonderful story of young girls saved from the brink of death and given a second chance at life. Although having a second chance at life is not as melancholy and rosy as you might think. The Social Welfare Agency, a government sponsored agency, takes these near to death girls and fits them out with advanced cybernetic implants and mental conditioning, this second life belongs to the state. Each girl has their own specific speciality including Martial Arts, Covert Ops, Long range sniping and so on.

Each girl is assigned a handler who acts as a mentor for the girl although they are only really there to make sure that the girls perform correctly and carry out their missions successfully. It is these girl and handler bonds that the first season is very much based upon and the focus of the season is mainly on the relationship between Henrietta and her handler Jose although each of the other girls get their turn in the spotlight, showing us how different each girls relationship is with their handler is. Overall it was a fascinating series about love, friendship and loss set in a world of espionage and brutal reality.

With the first season already setting such a high pedigree Season 2, Il Teatrino, has got a lot to live up to, especially with an all new crew and studio in development. This time the story is a lot more focused on plot development rather than character interaction, also the focus has moved away from Henrietta and this time fan favourite Triela play a more prominent role in the story although all the girls from the first season have appearances as well a some new ones.

The change in animation style is well suited to the change in pace, and with any story about young girls wielding guns there is bound to be plenty of debate and controversy abound.

The box set contains all 13 episodes + 2 OVA’s.

Pre order over at Amazon now Gunslinger Girl – Il Teatrino – Series 2 [DVD] (£1.59/episode)

The World is Not Enough

The world is obviously not enough for Vocaloids Miku Hatsune as her dominance over the Good Smile Lineup continues with the latest distinctive figure. Read the rest of this entry

Special Edition Echidna’s and Ultra Vibration Valkyries on Their Way

These two Queens Blade lovelies are on their way courtesy of Megahouse and their Nitro+ excellence. Read the rest of this entry

Eye on Asia Figure Showcase 04

The latest Eye on Asia Showcase video is about to go live, here’s the YouTube version.  The latest video features “Reason” by Nami Tamaki.

Pool Shark “Come ‘n’ Play” Hustler


This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over. Read the rest of this entry

Kanu’s Double Strike

Kanu Unchou

Perhaps the most popular anime and manga character ever to be cast in kit and figure form returns with this large version of her wielding her Blue Dragon Crescent Blade in a slightly more relaxed and casual pose than many other figures of her. This figure seems to do an excellent job of capturing Kanu’s confident and powerful nature, her face stern with attitude. Read the rest of this entry

Sen-Hime Returns for More


Just recently there has been a few figures of Sen-Hime released, all of them are very good and capture the character very well, but none of them are finished to the impeccable standards that you would expect from masterful craftsmanship and elaborate paintwork that is expected from the Gathering range, well none except this one. Read the rest of this entry

One Hell of a Beauty

Shunya Yamashita Demon

Shunya Yamashita, perhaps one of the most famous and popular of anime and video game character designers, has returned to the Ori range after the success of Risa and offered a new creation. This time the magnificently moody and busty demon. Read the rest of this entry

Ever Popular Kanu Strikes Again!

Kanu Unchou

This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over. Read the rest of this entry

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