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The Making of: Salma part 2


Magnificent Salma is finally completed all that is required now is the first sample of the painted version which will no less spectacular than the grandness of the sculpt. Read the rest of this entry

The Making of: Salma


The Making of:

ORI – Darkness: Salma

The invincible mage of the entire human race. She and her Staff of Aquastone stopped the invasion of numerous enemies. She soon became the elder of the race, but her part in the story is just going to start. Now ORI team is transforming her into a 3D figure, and we’ll soon be able to show you her charm. Read the rest of this entry

Dark Elf in Bloody Combat

Dark Elf Combat

The ORI: Darkness range continues its Elf range of figures with this ornate and dynamic Dark Elf in combat against a group of Bloody Bats.

The armour is immaculately detailed with ornate gold design and red jewels she is leaping forward, propelling herself forward with one foot on a grave stone. Her mighty sword impaling one of the bat foes as it swoops in to attack. This figure is perhaps the finest and most beautiful of the Dark Elf figures to be released so far. Socks will be very limited upon release. Price and release date are yet to be confirmed.

Link: ORI: Darkness DARK ELF Combat ver. 1/5.5 Resin Statue

Magician Caroline Casts Her Spell

Magician Caroline

February sees the release of one of E2046’s most elegant ori creations to date. Magician Caroline may appear to be a graceful angelic figure, but there is more here than meets the eye.

Caroline measures a impressive 28cm in height and an equally impressive wingspan. The paintwork of the feathers on the wings is truly magnificent, the shading and detail is superb all round but especially so on the bronze effect of her armour. This dark magician also includes  an optional arm piece of her deadly but beautiful Ancient Bloodfist. Her face has a thoughtful cunning like she has already decided the fate of her next victim. Immerse yourself in the gallery and draw your own conclusions.

Magician Caroline will be arriving at Eye on Asia soon.

Link: Magician CAROLINE 1/6 Resin Statue

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