Revoltech Yamaguchi 073 GLOOMY Action Figure

rev gloomy 1

Shop: Revoltech Yamaguchi 073 GLOOMY Action Figure

ETA: August.

PVC Action Figure
10cm Tall
Accessories Included
Ready Painted
Ready to Display

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  1. kinda freaky but interesting joints

  2. hmm it’s kinda cute to me hehe … đŸ˜€ plus it is a 10cm tall Revoltech figure. is it package in two? đŸ˜€

  3. The Dude Abides

    I’m betting that Gloomy Bear will be HUGE! Observer Extraloser will be wrong as usual! Get a clue and move out of your mom’s basement you freaking, total zero!

  4. I bought a Gloomy zip puller and it came yesterday! They are soooooooo cute! x

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