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Haruka Suzumiya makes hearts rumble

Haruka Suzumiya

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Bareback Rider Cowboy Eve

Cowboy Eve

This article contains images of artistic nudity. By continuing you are confirming you are aged 18 or over.

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Figure Review: Shuraki Trinity Box 04 NEEDA 1/8 PVC Figure Box Set

I don’t know about you, but I love it when you get more than you deserve, and this figure box set certainly provides you with more than enough goodies you deserve for the price tag.

Needa or Nida is the fourth figure in the Shuraki Trinity Box series and is by far the best. Each figure in the Shuraki range is based on character illustrations by the top anime and video game artists in Japan, Needa has been created by the renowned artist Shunya Yamashita.

If your new to Shunya Yamashita figures this box set is a good place to start. The figure is immaculate and you get a full colour booklet featuring plenty of artwork based around the characters and back story for Needa and to top it off you get a 70 minute drama CD, but unless you can understand Japanese you won’t appreciate this as well as you know you should. For collectors of Yamashita figures Needa offers something different to your collection, with its darker than usual colours and huge gun instead of the usual gigantic swords.

Needa comes with far more options than any other figure I have seen so far. For a start she can have two different lengths of gun, one shorter than the other, but both still very big (each version can have an optional bayonet). Secondly she has two different sets of clothes, one a smart military uniform and the other the sames but torn up in kinky kind of way. I suppose you could even have her in just bra and panties if you wanted. You can also have her dagger in hand or sheathed, her hat is also removable.

The paintwork on this figure is superb, as should be expected from Good Smile Company, infact the paintwork on her torn clothes seems to be a bit better than on her standard uniform. The seams on the removable clothes are hardly even noticeable and don’t detract from the figure at all.

The only gripe I do have with this figure is getting the gun in her hand, this can be a nightmare, even the instructions aren’t very helpful. The gun comes in three parts: barrel, body and butt. What I didn’t know at the time is the body of the gun separates again, top and bottom, so you can then slide her hand around the trigger, none of this is illustrated properly on the instructions. Or perhaps I was just being daft and doing it wrong, you’ll see what I mean if you get this figure.

Eye on Asia SCORE: 5/5

One of the best figures in recent times, very high quality, distinctive figure and loads of optional parts and accessories. A trinity of goodies give this figure a holy 5 out of 5.

link: Shuraki: Trinity Box 04 NEEDA (NIDA) 1/8 PVC Figure Box Set

Devil in The Mirror

For those people who grow tired  of seeing brightly coloured happy, smiley, cute anime characters being made into figures, don’t despair. The latest Bible Black figure is about as dark, evil and creepy as anime figures get.

This 1/6 (27cm) figure of Imari Kurumi depicts her in a scene from Chapter VI of the Bible Black series, being attacked and molested by a devil that has grabbed her through a mirror. Imari’s terror filled expression seems to scream out of the figure itself.

One of the things that makes this figure unique is the way the devil is emerging from the mirror, the effect is very impressive. Also the semi-transparent wings are a nice added feature. As usual, in C-Works Bible Black tradition the bra and skirt can be removed, revealing Imari’s blue and white panties. Perhaps the panties are the only cute feature this figure has.

This figure probably isn‘t to the tastes of the masses, but for those people who like figures of young ladies in compromising situations, this is probably the ultimate figure… ever!

link: Bible Black Chapter VI IMARI KURUMI 1/6 PVC Figure

Figure Review: Art of Shunya Yamashita CoCoNA 1/7 PVC Figure

Cocona is a big classy figure that certainly has a presence about it. Have it on any display and it is the one figure your attention is always drawn towards.

Despite her cheeky face Cocona, like many other Shunya Yamashita works, is not a girl figure,but more of a woman figure. She is very busty and big thighed.

This figure is posed in a nice solid position and is well balanced even without the display base. Her dominating sword is a sight t behold, measuring 26cm in length and exquisitely detailed, this has to be one of the biggest anime figure swords ever.

Her thumb resting behind her belt and the ribbon blowing from her back give the figure enough of an impression of movement to keep it looking alive.

The colours used on Cocona are unusual to say the least. Her silver armour has a pinky-purple pearlescent effect to it. This is visable in bright rooms, however, if the figure is being displayed in a dark room the amour can look just grey and very flat. The pink used on her clothes is fairly dark compared to other Shunya Yamashita figures, but the dark pink is one of the factors that draws your attention to this figure in the first place. This can be a double edged sword though as you can find your attention being drawn to her arms, that use alot of this pink, rather than other parts of the figure.

Cocona’s hair is a spectacle to behold, the choice of colours is fantastic and really comes alive. The transition from deep, rich blue to light, aqua blue is wonderful. Cocona’s hair is the best figure hair I have seen n some time and is complimented nicely with two pink flowers.

Despite all the Shunya Yamashita figures being of busty ladies with huge swords, they always manage to have something fresh and original to each character and this one is no different, and is one of the most eye catching out of hem all.

The packaging for Cocona is an odd one, it seems to be the only figure that doesn’t state Shunya Yamashita on the box. I find that unusual as I would have thought it a good selling point for Movic’s first figure of this kind.

One big downfall with this figure, and it’s a failing of many anime figures, is the display base, it’s huge and ugly. Made of thick translucent white plastic and measuring 21cm in diameter. It looks like it should be used for microwave cooking.

Eye on Asia SCORE: 4/5

link: Art of Shunya Yamashita CoCoNA 1/7 PVC Figure

Emuko Kousoku and The Space Tentacles

It’s here at last, Native Creator’s Collection volume 2. And this figure is going to raise a few eyebrows for sure.

This poor little space girl has been caught in a rather compromising position be evil intergalactic space tentacles and they are sure to have their way with her, that’s if you want them to anyway.


This figure has got some impressive credentials to its name. For a start it is 1/5 scale meaning this is a big figure (about 23cm), all the better to admire the finer details. Secondly, almost all the items of clothing and accessories on the character can be removed, revealing ALOT of flesh. Also the figure is based upon an illustration by Akiman and sculpted by Tsuyoshi Hamazaki, one of the finest figure sculptors. The figure should also be shipping with an illustration card by the original artist.

This delightful Emuko Kousoku figure is due for release January 2009 in Europe and is only available to persons over 18 years of age.

link: Native Creator’s Collection EMUKO KOUSOKU 1/5 PVC Figure

Shunya Yamashita Nasca… Look familiar?

Arts Storm’s Shunya Yamashita Character Series continues this December with the release of Nasca, one of the more unique figures based upon Yamashita’s works. For collectors of Yamashita figures Nasca may look familiar to some and she does have many similarities with Revoltech Fraulein Pocco released by Kaiyodo. If they are based upon the same illustration or if they are supposed to be similar I don’t know.

Revoltech Fraulein Pocco
Revoltech Fraulein Pocco

I especially like the pose for this figure it is very sensual and revealing at the same time. The colours are also very soft made more so with the use of Art Storm’s excellent use of shading and highlighting.

As with all figures based upon Yamashita’s works there are the usual trademarks that make this figure a step ahead of the rest. These include the massive sword, sharp dazzling eye’s, revealing costume and erotic pose.

2009 is going to be a fantastic year for Shunya Yamashita fans, with most of the major manufacturers continuing their lines, Art storms Character Series (including Mine Yoshizaki) is looking to be the best in my opinion.

link: Shunya Yamashita Character Series vol.2 NASCA 1/6 PVC Figure

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