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Devil in The Mirror

For those people who grow tired  of seeing brightly coloured happy, smiley, cute anime characters being made into figures, don’t despair. The latest Bible Black figure is about as dark, evil and creepy as anime figures get.

This 1/6 (27cm) figure of Imari Kurumi depicts her in a scene from Chapter VI of the Bible Black series, being attacked and molested by a devil that has grabbed her through a mirror. Imari’s terror filled expression seems to scream out of the figure itself.

One of the things that makes this figure unique is the way the devil is emerging from the mirror, the effect is very impressive. Also the semi-transparent wings are a nice added feature. As usual, in C-Works Bible Black tradition the bra and skirt can be removed, revealing Imari’s blue and white panties. Perhaps the panties are the only cute feature this figure has.

This figure probably isn‘t to the tastes of the masses, but for those people who like figures of young ladies in compromising situations, this is probably the ultimate figure… ever!

link: Bible Black Chapter VI IMARI KURUMI 1/6 PVC Figure

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