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Emuko Kousoku and The Space Tentacles

It’s here at last, Native Creator’s Collection volume 2. And this figure is going to raise a few eyebrows for sure.

This poor little space girl has been caught in a rather compromising position be evil intergalactic space tentacles and they are sure to have their way with her, that’s if you want them to anyway.


This figure has got some impressive credentials to its name. For a start it is 1/5 scale meaning this is a big figure (about 23cm), all the better to admire the finer details. Secondly, almost all the items of clothing and accessories on the character can be removed, revealing ALOT of flesh. Also the figure is based upon an illustration by Akiman and sculpted by Tsuyoshi Hamazaki, one of the finest figure sculptors. The figure should also be shipping with an illustration card by the original artist.

This delightful Emuko Kousoku figure is due for release January 2009 in Europe and is only available to persons over 18 years of age.

link: Native Creator’s Collection EMUKO KOUSOKU 1/5 PVC Figure

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