If you’ve been following this blog you might have noticed that it has been very neglected over the past 12 months with only a few post over the last year compared to dozens a week we had back in 2008 – 2011.

Well this WordPress blog is now being officially retired and replaced with a much easier to manage system. Our new info site works as a hub for all our social networks as well as Anime Focus.

It’s been a great experience running this blog and I hope you will continue to follow us on the site.

The new site can be accessed here: http://animefigures.uk.com/

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  1. actually there are some store’s in Holland that carry Gundam gunpla, but be preearpd to pay an arm or a leg for it. This one for example cost like 40 Euro. I’m more crazy in finding the right paint for it, i’m kinda biased towards using only mr. Color. That’s hard to get here, only shop I know where I can get it is at Almere.Anyway my question is this: Syd did u paint your own one and if you did paint how did u do yours ? With brush or spray ? Can you also list the paint color numbers you used ? I find this 1/144 kinda hard to spray, or more to the point a hassle with all this small parts.

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