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Freezing SATELLIZER EL BRIDGET Sexy ver. 1/4 PVC Figure

ETA: October 2011.

The Untouchable Queen – suddenly a lot more touchable!
From the popular manga and anime series, ‘Freeing’, comes a figure of the lovely heroine Satellizer wearing an open shirt and net stockings in a sexy pose for fans to fawn over – and what’s more is that she is one of FREEing’s huge 1/4th scale figures – the perfect size to capture all of her beauty!

The net stockings are made from real cloth for the same realistic effect as previous figures – plus loads of the parts are removable allowing you to pose her baring all or covered up in less revealing pose – you can even choose whether she should be wearing glasses or not! Don’t miss your chance to touch The Untouchable Queen!

1/4 PVC Figure
45cm Length
Optional Parts
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ETA: October 2011.

A peaceful winter’s day with Azusa.
From the popular anime series which also has a movie coming soon, ‘K-ON!’, comes a 1/7th scale figure of Sakura High’s Music Club’s rhythm guitarist – the adorable Azusa Nakako!

She has been posed based on a scene from the anime episode titled ‘A Winter’s Day’, which shows her relaxed on a cushion as she carelessly plays with the kitten named ‘Azunyan #2’ – the kitten she was looking after for Jun. It’s a gentle scene that is bound to warm the hearts of any Azusa fans!

1/7 PVC Figure
23cm Tall
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Sora no Otoshimono Forte IKAROS Nendoroid Figure

ETA: November 2011.

Falling down from the sky as a Nendoroid!
From the popular anime series with a movie on the way, ‘Sora no Otoshimono”, comes a Nendoroid of the battle angeloid type alpha – Ikaros!

She comes with a load of optional parts allowing for a range of poses – from a relaxed and simple Ikaros embracing her beloved watermelon down to her combat form as the ‘Uranus Queen’ – even complete with her ultimate weapon, the ‘APOLLON’. The difference between the two poses is unbelievable, but it leaves you to decide how you’d prefer to see her displayed by your side!

Nendoroid Figure
10cm Tall
Accessories Included
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Figma 109 Bakemonogatari SURUGA KANBARU Action Figure

ETA: October 2011.

The school’s basketball team ace!
From the popular anime ‘Bakemonogatari’ comes a figma of Suruga Kanbaru!

PVC Action Figure
13.5cm Tall
Accessories Included
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