Super Sexy – Super Soniko


Nitro Super Sonic’s busty lead character, Super Soniko, is coming to Eye on Asia super soon in the form of this super fantastic Gathering resin statue.

Measuring 25cm tall, this figure, like all Gathering figures, has been expertly hand painted with masterful application and fantastic shading and highlighting. It would appear our gorgeous babe has been caught in the act of changing into her favourite outfit: nothing! Her tan reveals some rather saucy and cheeky tan lines, skimpy would certainly have to be the choice word. And how she could ever fit into that top is beyond me!

This hot, summery figure could be just what you need to warm the cockles of you heart on these dull January days.

Link: Nitro Super Sonic SUPER SONIKO (Nitro) 1/7 Resin Statue

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  1. Looks very well made ,but… I would BUY her if she were castoffable.Pity…

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